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About Us

Our Story

In November 2022, a vision took root in the mind of Brian Lawrence, paving the way for the birth of Binge Island. Founded with a profound purpose, Brian’s dream was to establish a global media production powerhouse that not only originated from the Caribbean but also celebrated and showcased the unparalleled talent and skill embedded in the region.

Crafting the future

Binge Island’s mission goes beyond conventional bounds. Aspired to be the premier producer and publisher of editorial, film, interactive, and experiential content from the Caribbean, our journey seeks to enrich the world with authentic Caribbean stories and perspectives. Positioned as the unrivaled global hub for Caribbean culture, our vision extends beyond borders, aiming to be the voice that resonates globally for Caribbean-based content.

Our commitment is not just a statement of intent but a transformative force that shapes industries and narratives. From our bespoke web design and development services to our innovative platform and swift turnaround times, every aspect is meticulously designed to redefine the industry landscape.

The Road Ahead

Behind Binge Island stands Brian Lawrence, a visionary whose past failures have only fueled his determination to bring Binge Island to life. The brand embodies a sage-like persona – approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable – seeking not just to meet but to exceed the expectations of our audience.

Our promise is one of comfort and confidence, where every interaction with Binge Island assures high-quality content produced promptly by experts who comprehend the unique needs of our clients. As a startup, we evolve, adapt, and innovate, striving to be the go-to platform for media production services and brands globally.

Embarking on a journey of media innovation, Binge Island envisions a future where it not only shapes the narrative of Caribbean media production but also serves as a catalyst for exponential growth in creative careers and businesses. As we continue to push the boundaries of media and technology, the story of Binge Island unfolds, inviting you to join us in a journey where creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to Binge Island – let’s make life binge-worthy.

Our Core Values

Our core values drive how we serve our clients and community.

We’re committed to delivering tangible value to our community, understanding that the success of their brands is paramount. Our work is geared towards helping our them achieve their goals of making a significant impact, driving profitability and achieving sustainability.

We strive to create impactful solutions that leave a lasting impression on our community and their communities. Every project we undertake is driven by the goal of making a meaningful difference in their worlds, contributing to their growth and success.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our interactions. Even when no one is watching, we remain committed to doing what is right.

Fear doesn’t dictate our actions; courage does. We embrace boldness, pushing boundaries, and exploring new possibilities to achieve greatness. With fearless determination, we move forward, seizing opportunities and making waves in the small business space.

Case Studies

We partner with brands that share our passion for making an impact.

Our Team

Our team is lead by innovative creatives who seamlessly blend art and technology.
Headshot - Brian Lawrence

Brian Lawrence

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

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